Arm Yourself with A Strong Constitution this Holiday Season

Just as we’re about to settle in to enjoy the holidays and all the family gatherings and company soirees that come with, we must to be mindful of the nasty bugs that are going around because it’s flu season. This is the time to be cautious about letting yourself get so fatigued your immune system gets compromised and bam! You’re in bed in the throes of a fever. I’ve never figured out why they say starve a cold and feed a fever, but I do recommend you take an abundance of vitamins and supplements regularly. There are thousands of vitamins and minerals to choose from, and over the years many have been known to work wonders on certain ailments, but deciding what will work best for you is an individual decision you’ll have to make. Where you can obtain those supplements is no puzzle at all. If you search the Vitacost site, you’ll find thousands of quality products designed with your health in mind.

And if you search the Groupon site before you shop Vitacost, you’ll find lots of Groupon coupon codes that you can apply and cut the price of your purchases down significantly. For over twenty hears this company has made it a mission to provide quality health care products at affordable prices. Now, you can take advantage of their sales and holiday specials just in time to boost your immune before all the baby kissing starts.

If you’re wandering around on trains and busses, taking subways, and attending gatherings where large crowds are likely to be, you’ll want to make it a point to shop Vitacost and stock up on the products like the Doctor’s Best line of health and wellness essentials, and baby and kids items you should keep on hand. With a Groupon you can save as much as 15% off Oregon’s Wild Harvest line of products, and even more – 20% off baby care. So don’t let the flu bug sideline you this holiday season. Stock up on the essential items every home should have like alcohol wipes, hand sanitizers, and various potions and unguents, lotions, and salves. You’ll enjoy the holidays more when you know you’re wearing the armor of good health.

Sale at Primadonna

SALE is always an opportunity especially for a cheapskate like me. I am not used to wearing branded clothes simply because my Mom didn’t raised me to be conscious about the prices of the things that I am wearing or using. We live a simple life and we always wear the clothes that we are comfortable wearing, branded or not. My mom used to shop in Ukay-Ukay stores and up until now, we are still buying in different Ukay-Ukay stores if we can find the time to do so (you need to have a lot of time when you shop in a UK store). And now that I can afford to buy my own clothes, I developed the habit of buying for the things I need and wants when they are ON SALE. Branded clothes sometimes go on SALE and that is when I get the chance to own them. I am not ashamed of buying things on sale as long as I didn’t stole it.

When I visited CdeO City 2 weeks ago, I saw the 4 letter word in my favorite store, so I decided to drop by and check out if they have something that would capture my heart. Nevertheless, I found this beautiful pair of sandals and decided to buy them, I don’t know if King Instruments go on SALE, but I am glad that princess’ items like this one goes on SALE.

Cute Little Flip Flops

I just love having a baby girl; you can dress her up with cute clothes, accessories and shoes. And that’s why I bought this cute little Havaianas for Chicay at 20% off. It has gold strap with Winnie the Pooh on it, I just can’t wait for my Chicay to wear and walk on these.


Chicay’s flip flops

And I bought one for my goddaughter, Trish, too! That’s my Christmas gift for her. Isn’t it cute?


Christmas gift for Trish

How about you, have you bought a cute little flip flop too?