Officially Engaged

Dear Omman,

You gave me more than what I have expected and more than I have asked for. I have no idea about the surprise you have prepared for me last night, you managed to do it even with your busy schedule. I am not disappointed with how it happened, in fact I am so surprised and happy, I do not know what to do and say. ( We should have a practice-proposal at least twice so we could have a perfect surprise-marriage proposal ). I know, this might be so cheesy it sucks, or people might think that I am a show-off, or that this is uber-PDA already, BUT I don’t care. I am happy and I want to show the world wide web that I am. I could be the best girlfriend or wife the world has to offer but I could be the worst too. And yet, you still chose to love me and to ask my hands for marriage. My Love, there is nothing I could ask for from God above, you are, indeed, the One that He has prepared for me. I love you more than you will ever know.


My Hero, My Love


Just like any other women, I believed in love, in fairytales, in romantic dinners and happy ever-afters.

But just like any other women, my heart was broken into pieces, my soul has been shattered, and my life was never been the same.

I became independent, I can stand on my own, and I realize that I do not need someone anymore to complete my existence.

Then my hero came, I met him when I no longer need some saving. I am no longer a damsel in distress, because I became the heroine myself.

I still in believe in happy ever-after so I gave myself a chance to love again, I gave myself a chance to fall in love and be loved.

Love is a choice, we choose who to love. And every single day, I chose to fall in love with my soldier, forever and always.

Wedding Dresses

Weddings are one of the most wonderful events we could witness of. A wonderful sense of fulfillment seen in the bride’s eyes, and the happiness the groom exudes with. And as we become part of such memorable occasion, we see to it that we are presentable as we could be for the couple’s wedding.

Brides wear elegant and gorgeous wedding gown that flatter their figure. From laces, beads, and tulle used in simple wedding dresses, the bride will definitely look stunning with her chosen wedding gown.


Bridesmaids now wear color-themed dresses with their choice of cut and style, unlike a few years ago where bridesmaid dresses are of the same design. Today’s wedding gives the bridesmaids the chance of choosing their preferred party dress for the wedding.

Flower girls, on the other hand, will always look sweet on their flower dresses that usually resemble a fairy or ballerina themed style; paired up with either a flower crown or tiara.

Meanwhile, for the moms, they could be stunning with mother of the bride dresses tea length design that is simple yet elegant. They could also choose from floor length, knee length, or ankle length wedding party dresses. Whichever cut they prefer, there’s no doubt where the bride got their fashion sense.

Nevertheless, wedding party dresses won’t be complete without a perfect set of jewelries, bag, and shoes. Accessorize your complete look with rhinestone or pearl jewelries, alongside with a brooch or barrette. Of course, a fabulous handbag that perfectly matches the color of the wedding party dress or the shoes. Speaking of, stilettos serve as a cherry-on-top to complete the whole outfit. And since, it’s a wedding, don’t forget about the flowers, fresh flowers to be exact! A wonderful bridal bouquet for the bride; a cute flower crown or flower basket for the flower girls; a bouquet or a corsage for the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride and groom.