How To Enhance Video With Movavi Video Editor

There are a lot of things you might often miss out when capturing images or shooting a video. When you see the captures shots later you realize how the focus is blurred for some, or the picture is too dark. But with the Movavi video editor you can fix all the faults and blemishes using the video improvement options present in the software. Movavi lets you turn your videos into a creative piece. You can use the trial version which for free to try all the editing options and then later when you are thorough download the software from

  • There are certain automatic filters that can correct the common problems on their own. They are designed to analyze and calculate the best things and enhancements for your video. They can improve the quality of your video and are also very easy to use since the changes can be made automatically. Auto contrast will enhance the lights and shadows of your file and chooses the best contrast for the frame. There is also the option of auto saturation using which the saturation of the file is balanced. The other good enhancement is magic-enhance. It will automatically balance the color, brightness, contrast and the color levels. It improves you video.
  • Apart from the basic filters and enhancements there are the professional video enhancements. You can adjust the video quality manually. They give you tools that is of advanced level but has been designed in a less complex manner making it easy for everyone to use. If you are capturing moving objects such as a plane, a bird or any other thing there are chances of it being blurred. You can sharpen the file, which will help increasing the focus of the blurry framework. Pictures and videos that are shot against the sun or in poor lightning can cause the picture to be very dark. However this can be easily fixed by using the brightness filter. You can adjust the level of light using this.brightness_beforebrightness_after
  • If you like experimenting and want to give your video a new look altogether you can use the special effects. They let you apply more than one effect at the same time. You can do anything with your video whether you want it to look like a black and white movie from the 90s or a sci-fi, you can do it all. You can find more information from the link that has been provided above.



Mitch Albom’s The Time Keeper

Time is the most valuable thing on earth, because lost time is lost forever. There are no rewinds in life, no re-plays, we cannot make up for the times we have lost.

The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom is one of the best books about why we should value the time that we have right now and why we should make the most out of it. I would love to share a lot about this book but this post might too long and will become boring. So I will just have make a short book review about it.

The Time Keeper started when a man tried to measure God’s greatest gift to mankind and that he was punished for doing so. He needs to do something for God in order to stop his punishment which is being locked in a cave and was forced to listen to a lot of voices who seek more days, more weeks, more years from God.

In order to be free, Father Time needs to educate two humans the true meaning of time. One, a girl who wants to die and two, an old business man who wants to be immortal. Father Time must impart to them that only God can give them more time and that God is the only who decides when their time is up.