How to Get the Home You’ve Always Dreamed Of

If you’re like most people, you’ve got a dream home somewhere in the back of your mind. Maybe the house you’re living in currently doesn’t really fit the bill though. That doesn’t mean that you need to start checking for sale listings.

The fact is that almost any house you buy will require some changes to become the dream home you’ve always wanted. That’s going to be doubly true if you’ve got exacting tastes and know exactly what you want.

The good news is that renovations can make almost anything possible. You may need to set aside some time and money to make them, but getting the home you’ve always wanted could be within reach.

Use these basic home renovation tips to help you get there.

Plan Your Renovation

Before you can really do anything to improve your home, you’re going to need to some serious planning. While this probably won’t be the most enjoyable or rewarding part of the process, it is essential for a successful renovation job.

Start by taking a look around your home and figuring out what you can do to improve the house as it is. Do you need an extra bedroom or an office? Does the kitchen need to be updated and taken out of the 1980s? Whatever you and your home needs most is likely where you should start your renovation project.

When you plan your renovation, you also need to sit down and determine your budget. Without an idea of how much you can afford to spend and on what time table, the job won’t go efficiently.

Get Multiple Quotes

You can  get a free quote today from a variety of contractors, but if you’re going to be smart about how you spend your money, you’ll get more than one. You’ll also want to see work any contractor you’re interviewing has done in the past.

Make a Work Schedule

A huge part of taking on a home renovation job is figuring out how and when you can do what you need to do to improve your home. Your contractor may not lay out a clear work schedule unless you ask though.

Make sure you ask for a clear calendar of when work will be started and finished. Updates along the way regarding progress can ensure that you’ll be around to supervise the job and check up on how everything is going.

After all, it is your home.

Through the Years with Tupperware

I have come across this Tupperware Blog Contest in Mommy Bloggers Philippines so I am making my entry for [email protected] Share Your Fondest Tupperware Memory Blog Contest” .

We are Tupperware lovers, my mom used to be a Tupperware dealer. She used to host Tupperware parties in our home when I was little and sometimes the parties happened during my birthday. Here is a photo of me when I was 5 years old. Yes, it was taken during a Tupperware Party. I accidentally saw this photo when I was cleaning my closet and I took a photo of it to post for #TBT (Throwback Thursday).

Yes, that BIG DARK RED Tupperware item under the table is still alive today, after 26 years, we are still using it.

My mom told me that she used to store my pretty clothes inside it but when I had my own room and own cabinet, she used this Tupperware to put our stock of brown sugar to keep the ants from eating it.

I am now 31 years old, but I can still remember how Tupperware Parties used to be so great, alive, full of fun and how I wish the management could do that again. Giving prizes to the guests who answers different trivia questions. Meet new and old friends along the way.

Tupperware Brands PH will always be a part of our lives, this year they are celebrating their 50th year anniversary and I know that they have touched many Filipino lives, not only mine.


If you are a Tupperware lover like me, check out their social media pages:


Together let’s celebrate #TupperwareBrands50th !!!


Expo Mom: The Motherhood Journey in Cagayan de Oro

As the ultimate mommy event of the season takes a second trip to Mindanao,
expect to be inspired by the different faces of mommyhood on October 15, 2016
at Centrio Mall, from 10AM to 9PM. Whether you’re an expectant mom, a new
mom, or a mom of three or four, you’re going to find something to love at Expo
Mom Cagayan de Oro.
Expo Mom: The Motherhood Journey features a fun and fulfilling all-day
program. In the morning The Modern Nanays of Mindanao, a community of
moms who promote breastfeeding, babywearing, and cloth diapering, lead the
celebration of motherhood with a Mamba session—a Zumba class made
especially for moms with slings! Dr. Raissa Paje Bayawa, founder of Happy
Heart Kids Yoga, takes the stage next to enlighten moms about the benefits of
prenatal yoga and to share some helpful moves as well.
Two sessions delve deep into the amazing journey that all moms share. The
first one focuses on pregnancy and breastfeeding & finding that right balance
between home life & career. Guests are Nadine Casino, founder of Modern
Nanays of Mindanao & Ruby Caberte a popular blogger who is also a mom.
The second touches on baby care with discussions on the right way to wear
baby and age-appropriate toys to help with a child’s development . Guests for
this segment will be an early childhold educator and a few mommies.
The other exciting activities scheduled include a bento-making session
specifically devoted to picky eaters by the pioneering Bento Mommas, who have
actually been with us all over the country this year! You can sign up to
participate at for Php900, inclusive of basic bento tool
kit, bento box and food ingredients for the workshop plus freebies from
sponsors, all of which you can take home afterward.
A makeup on the go demonstration for busy mothers by Paola Paladio- Ching
follows in the afternoon, and a craft workshop with a homegrown moms and kids
crafts group. In between, many prizes will be given away care of our generous
exhibitors and sponsors Caltrate and Belo Baby.
Topping the motherhood celebration is a fashion show devoted to babywearing,
showing one and all that it is possible to look positively trendy with a baby in
A year from its tenth anniversary, Expo Mom continues to be a source of
information and inspiration among modern parents and a wellspring of modern
products and services for the whole family.
Expo Mom 2016: The Motherhood Journey is co-presented by Caltrate Plus and
Belo Baby with Centrio Mall and Ayala Malls as its venue partner, supported by
Modern Nanays of Mindanao, Carmel Kho Ricarte and Moms Radio, and
Professional Organizers Unlimited, Inc. and Creative Juice Communications are
its logistics partners. Entrance to Expo Mom is free.
For more information, visit